Sunday, April 8, 2012

MICF Review - Dr Brown "Befrdfgth"

I'd like to think that for most comedy shows, a friend's description can pretty much give me a general idea. "Oh right, it's a this type of show, got it". I think I know what I'll be in for.  And I'd heard some pretty impressive things from Dr Brown, but I was in no way prepared for how engaging this show would be.

Dr Brown takes the traditional clowning and mime styles of comedy and takes them into deep and dark waters. For the first 10 minutes of the show, he peeped through the curtain, dragging the velvet around him as a cape and peering at the audience through a tiny hole. When he finally emerged, he was in --
a smaller curtain-like robe, curled around his body, still using it to peer at the audience. His show begins tentatively, as does the character, bashful and nervous in his beginnings. But it becomes evident that he's actually testing the audience out- stretching our mime and comedy muscles before tearing through different distinct, provocative and thoroughly funny scenarios. 

One particular great moment had Dr Brown riding casually on a bike, first asking us to yell the "ring ring" on bell, before leading us through more trying and specific sound effect combos. 

Although I won't ruin the fun, the audience participation that took place is probably the best I've ever seen, with the overall feeling that we're just as much as part of the performance as he is. 

The feeling of accomplishment, of a truly unique performing experience, was something to behold. You really feel that end of the night, both the audience and the performer were proud of the show we had created together.

Five Stars.

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