Sunday, April 8, 2012

MICF Review - Slow Clap "Truth"

Also appearing at the very good Tuxedo Cat are the production team of performer Vachel Spirason and producer Steph Brotchie, a duo with a proven track record in last years show "The Hermitude of Angus: Ecstatic".

Like anything great, the show falls into a few different fields- it contains theatre, sketches, mime and an over-arching story line that holds the whole thing together extremely well. Vachel tells the story of a strange encounter in the forests of New Zealand that sets off a barrage of characters all vying to occupy his body.

You feel Vachel's performing skills come through pretty damn quickly. The ease and confidence in which he inhabits and transitions between characters is remarkable. And while some shows fall on their own sword in the narrative and multi-character genre, "Truth" smoothly combines the two. A great highlight involves the perfect imitation of an ice skater, spinning his partner in imaginative places.

The idea of a "production team" in the Comedy festival, and comedy in general, is pretty unique. Although we have the occasional sketch shows or performing duo, most acts are lone wolves.
Slow Clap have done something special in combining strong performances with high stage and costume production. A highly visual and all round engaging show.

Four Stars.

"Truth" is running at the Tuxedo Cat until 22nd of April.

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