Wednesday, November 23, 2011

untilted Underbelly Script

The following script has been uncovered from the Underbelly production company

Underbelly - Orbs of Justice
By Scotty O’Bryan aged 17 50.

We open on a pair of boobs. We slowly pull out to reveal the boobs are indeed attached to a chick, Constable Amy Natter. But the boobs still stay in shot, slightly under the chicks face.

AMY voice over
This town, it can give a man everything
and take it away in the blink of an eye.

Don't worry bout this shit, cos you know where we are? A Strippers. And what are we seeing? Boobs. There’s a bunch of different kinds of boobs (with chicks attached to them, I guess). There’s those small ones with the tiny bright nipples, those big swinging ones, those perfectly round ones. This MONTAGE lasts 10 minutes.

AMY heads out of the strip club. Don’t worry though, cos she’s heading to the...

I just don’t get it. The Gatti twins are moving
all the coke through Lygon st, 
but we can’t bla bla bla bla

Whatever, let me tell you about the boobs on array. There’s a couple of great big swinging ones in the background. They’re just so grouse!
Like, all the best ones you’ve ever seen? There like that! Like that chick from Swordfish, Halle something? With that awesome scene on the lounge chair? Freakin’ sweet.

Oh shit, and then all the drug dealers get shot or something.

The End.

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