Thursday, October 11, 2012

Melbourne Fringe review - A Night to Dismember - Will Greenway

Will Greenway has already made an impressive entrance into the the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe festivals as one half of "The Loungeroom Confabulators", bringing intimate theatre into peoples' homes along with fellow Fringe performer Stuart Bowden. Will brings his first one-man solo show "A Night to Dismember" into the Loft at the Lithuanian club, a fittingly cosy space as we dive headfirst into his sweet madness.

A common tale of doing anything to fit in goes quickly awry in Greenway's world, taking huge surreal twists and turns but ultimately staying true to it's human core. Will's encounter at the beach starts off a series of events. After his arms get bitten off by a girlfriend stealing shark, Will's only solace is a bag of grapes eaten alone, face first, in his room. And when a grieving asteroid crashes into his back yard, the story unfolds as one would imagine- motorbikes made of rabbits, zombies and street gangs of birds. The usual fair.

Will's writing is so strong, his performance so captivating it dosen't take long to be taken on his journey whole heartedly. Although his tale is a living Dali landscape, it's filled with enough genuine human moments that you accept everything thats presented to you.

There's only three more performances left in a mostly sold out run, so check out what could possibly be it's last viewing in Melbourne.

A truly beautiful tale of love, loss and dismemberment.

"A Night to Dismember" is playing at the Loft at the Lithuanian Club till Sunday. 

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