Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lookey Likeys - looks like that guy sort of?

We’ve all played the game “who would play you in a film”. For me unfortunately,
a friend put forward the actor Timothy Spall known mostly for his rat-like
performance of Peter Pettigrew, as well as his portrayal of the dashing figure of a
young (ish) Winston Churchill

Calm down, ladies.

I thought I’d share with you the idea of the looky-likey, a term perhaps best
coined in the Christmas special of the office. The character of the d-grade
celebrity agent explains that he should employ a Catherine Zeta-Jones look-a-like
to accompany his Michael Douglas look-a-like, as party goers worry that an old
man has simply gate crashed their function.

A friend linked me here where to my shock, people actually
made money looking like other people. From what I can gather, these
entertainers are hired to simply look like the famous person the resemble and-
that’s it. Stand around. Look like David Beckham. From video footage 
some apparently act as there brother from another mother,
but I assume most of them simply rock up to these functions looking like David
Bechkam or Dame Edna Everidge.

Anyway, please enjoy the Daniel Craig look-a-like which is dead on; if Daniel
Craig looked like a Dutch techno producer who’d glass you in the back of the

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